Hold Fast "One Nation Under God" Stainless Steel Mug With Handle


Hold Fast One Nation Under God Stainless Steel Mug

Celebrate the One we owe the greatness of this nation when you drink this Dual Wall Stainless Steel Mug with Handle in Red from this "Eisenhower." It will remind all those who see it that we are indeed One Nation Under God, the One that has been going before us since the birth of America. We do not show weakness when we submit to Christ; to obey God only makes us stronger. This would be convenient for 14 oz. Handled mug is sweat-free, keeping your favorite ice drink cold or piping hot for hours. You'll love the slide lid designed to make it easy to drink on the go and avoid spills.

President Dwight Eisenhower once said, "Without Him, no American form of government and no American way of life will exist. Recognition of the Supreme Being is Americanism's first— most basic-expression. Thus the Founding Fathers saw it and so, with God's help, it will continue to be." "Ike "was the Supreme Allied Commander of European Forces in World War II before he was president.

He knew who led us to victory!

Many amazing men and women have done wonderful things for our country. But we all know the wellspring of our strength and freedom. Since the first gold-buckled shoes hit the shores of America, Americans have known the provision, devotion, and security of our beloved land from God. Consider this wonderful truth every day as you pledge loyalty not only to the flag but also to our almighty God the Father. 

"One Nation Under God" Stainless Steel Mug With Handle by Hold Fast


  • Color: Rust
  • Full-color print w/ laser engraved design
  • 304 kitchen-grade stainless steel inside with 201 stainless steel outside
  • Slide lid closure
  • Sweat free
  • Keeps drinks hot or cold all day
  • Hand-wash only
  • Do not microwave


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