grace & truth Walk By Faith (2 Corinthians 5:7) Women's T-Shirt

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grace & truth Walk By Faith Women's Christian T-Shirt 

Second Corinthians 5:7 “For we live by faith, not by sight.”

Be sure to stand tall and keep walking the walk in this no matter how rough it seems in this  “Walk by Faith” grace & truth® Christian T-shirt. How we live our lives is not necessarily a matter of circumstance—it is also a matter of choice. Choose faith, and choose to follow Jesus no matter what mountains you face. He walks with you, and when the way becomes too rough, He will hold you in the palm of His mighty hand. This is how we walk by faith.

In order to find direction on this journey we need to follow Jesus—He provides big signs of faith all along the way, we just need to pay attention to see them. This world frequently defines  ones courage as “making your own way” and bravery as “going it alone.”   Seek your courage in Christ and ask Him to help your bravery in the trials.  Faith isn’t a solo journey, it's clinging to the One who created us and asking Him to guide our footsteps and safeguard our hearts.

Reach out a hand to someone whose walk is difficult. The path is rocky, but the burden is lighter—and life is so much more peaceful—when God walks beside us. Share the Good News and invite others to walk with the Lord too. 

grace & truth Walk By Faith Women's Christian T-Shirt By Kerusso 

  • Color: Caribbean Blue
  • Ringspun cotton
  • Comfortable, fashionable fit
  • Tagless label
  • Wide scoop neck 

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