grace & truth My Dog Women's T-Shirt

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grace & truth My Dog Women's Christian T-Shirt 

Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Share your genuine love for those sweet puppy kisses and the Lord in this adorable “My Dog” grace & truth® Christian T-shirt.  It's not a secret that none of us can be perfect, but if we strive to be the wonderful person our beloved furry friends think we are, we’re on the right path!

Your loyal, furry friend love you with such devotion!  Every morning ask God to make you worthy of that kind of love and to show you the way to love others the same way, no matter who they are. Imagine if we approached each other with love, playfulness, loyalty, and trust instead of suspicion and judgment. What a world it would be, if we loved other humans the way our pets love us.

Do you ever wonder why your dog licks you?  Its pure Love, it's jut that simple. If dogs could hug us and tell us we’re pretty and capable and the best person ever—they would. Instead, they happily wag their tails or jump up and down at the sight of us and bark, run, and lick our faces to tell us how they feel. When you’re wondering how to approach others, consider the joyful dog! They live to serve and to love. Dogs have a lot to teach us about how to treat others.

grace & truth My Dog Women's Motivational Quote T-Shirt By Kerusso 

  • Color: Athletic Heather
  • Ringspun cotton
  • Comfortable, fashionable fit
  • Tagless label
  • Wide scoop neck 

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