Faith Gear Christian Faith Dog Tag Necklace The Good Fight


Dog Tag Faith Gear Necklace The Good Fight

Second Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 

You can identify yourself as a soldier for Christ with this durable aluminum “Faith Tag” necklace hanging around your neck. Dog tags have long been recognized as the identification mean of the regular soldier, used in battle to give a name to a casualty of war, the one who fought for your freedom in the good fight.

Many of us never take part in war or see battlefield action, but we all take part in spiritual warfare. In heaven’s army, we march to the orders given us by the Most High God. We do our part when called on and accept the consequences of our choice to follow Christ into battle.

Far from a trembling deserter, the soldier in Christ puts on the armor of God and sets his face toward the front. When you wear this dog tag, you boldly confront evil and feel the power of God running through you. As you run through the haze and sounds of battle, your name identifies who you are and the King you follow!  

Faith Gear The Good Fight Dog Tag Necklace