Religious Beads and Bracelets: What Do They Symbolize?

Religious Beads and Bracelets: What Do They Symbolize?

Posted by David Nadel on 17th Jun 2020

Do you own a piece of religious jewelry? Maybe you own a symbolic bracelet that represents your faith, or you carry around beads that serve as a reminder to pray throughout the day. Religious jewelry remains extremely popular today, and many people don’t realize that wearing this type of jewelry has been a fixture of religion for several centuries.

The gorgeous bracelets and beads that we see today can all be traced back to the earliest forms of religious jewelry that our ancestors valued for their symbolism. Let’s take a look at the history of religious beads and bracelets and explain what many of them continue to represent to this day.

The History of Religious Beads and Bracelets

Using religious jewelry to express and remind oneself of their faith is a practice that dates back to the 11th century, although it’s entirely possible that it actually precedes that. While we typically associate religious beads and other forms of faith-based jewelry with Catholicism, due to the prevalence of rosary beads, it’s possible that nearly every religion that we know today was using some form of jewelry as a method for counting and guiding prayers, in the form of beads. Typically, the beads themselves, or the number of beads, indicate some part of prayer, and so back then, the beads were not about making a fashion statement, but simply helping the wearer remember how to properly pray throughout the day through a visual reminder.

Rosary Beads

Rosary beads have been used for at least around a thousand years, and they’re still widely used today. The number of beads represents the number of prayers to be counted, and the beads represent the mysteries of religious events throughout history. Events represented by the rosary include the crucifixion as well as the resurrection, as well as the birth of Christ.

Salvation Bracelets

Religious people have worn bracelets representing their faith for centuries, but salvation bracelets remain a very popular expression of faith to this day. Salvation bracelets typically consist of a leather strap with a number of multi-colored beads. Each bead color represents a particular principle of Christianity, and so the bracelet is worn to remind the wearer of what the Christian faith represents.

While we can’t exactly trace back the history of salvation bracelets, some believe that they have been around since the Victorian era, primarily worn by evangelists looking to spread the teachings of the Bible far and wide.

Why People Continue to Wear Religious Beads and Bracelets

While trends come and go, religious beads and bracelets remain a staple among people of faith. Why? Because no matter how much the world has evolved over the centuries, one thing has stayed the same, which is that we all could use some serious reminders of our relationship with God. What better way to constantly remind ourselves of this than by wearing symbolic jewelry? It allows us to remember what really matters no matter where we are.

There’s another thing that happens when we choose to wear faith-based jewelry. It sends a message to everyone who we encounter throughout the day. It informs the people around us that our faith is meaningful to us. This can be useful in two ways. One is that it can help us easily spot other Christians, which allows us to develop new faith-based relationships in our lives. The other way in which it can be useful is that it can act as a conversation piece. A person may see you wearing your jewelry and ask you questions about it, which can act as the perfect opportunity to share God’s word with someone who is struggling with their own faith.

Religious Jewelry at Faith Strength Gear

At Faith Strength Gear, we know how many of our friends in faith want to wear their Christianity in the form of jewelry. That’s why we carry a generous inventory of religious jewelry for both men and women.

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Style, Faith, and Righteousness Coming Together

Religious beads and bracelets may be marketed as stylish accessories these days, but any real Christian knows that what they symbolize has nothing to do with aesthetics. If you want to honor the tradition of wearing your faith in the form of jewelry, check out the beautiful products at Faith Strength Gear.