Power of Positivity and Faith

Power of Positivity and Faith

Posted by David Nadel on 13th Sep 2019

No matter how faithful we strive to be, we are all faced with stressful situations from time to time, and we have to admit that we don’t always handle them in the way that God tells us to. Whether we are running late to a doctor’s appointment or we’re dealing with the critical illness of a person very close to us, we face challenges throughout our lives.

What if we told you that the key to a peaceful life is less about how many obstacles we are faced with, but more about how we handle them in our mind? We all hear people telling us to “be positive,” and even in the Bible, the Lord speaks to us about the importance of believing that He has a plan for us, even when we feel betrayed and bewildered.

As it turns out, positive thinking isn’t some unattainable ideal. It’s a very achievable state of mind that simply takes practice, like everything else in life that’s worth striving for. And, learning how to train your brain to think more positively can improve your health and take your relationship with God to a whole new level.

How Faith and Positivity Go Hand in Hand

Any faithful Christian understands, at least intellectually, that God never gives us anything that we can’t handle, and that if we only put our faith in Him and trust that He has a bigger plan for us, our walk through this life will be relatively easy. However, that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? We live in a world that hurls struggles and challenges at us daily, and even those who are the most devoted to the Lord can easily fall into negative thinking patterns.

Negative thinking patterns are more prevalent in our society than we may think. We all tend to ask ourselves things like, “why is this always happening to me?” and “how will I ever get through this?”

However, when we manage to give up the habit of falling into those negative thinking patterns in order to adopt a more positive outlook, we quickly find that our closeness with God improves dramatically. That’s because when we think positively, we align our thoughts with the thoughts of God. Thinking positively also allows us to have more faith, as it’s a sign that we truly internalize the idea that God is always looking out for us and will never forsake us.

The True Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking doesn’t just alter our thought patterns. It can actually improve our health and our survival skills.

Reduced Stress

We experience stress when we feel as though we are in danger. When we adopt a more positive attitude, however, those feelings of being threatened diminish. Suddenly, we trust that whatever is happening in our lives will somehow work out for the better. This helps us feel more at peace with our circumstances.


When we reduce our stress levels, we improve our physical health. We now know that chronic stress is one of the leading killers as it puts us at risk of developing a wide spectrum of serious ailments. So, it’s safe to say that positive thinking can, in fact, make you live longer.

Better Coping Skills

Teaching yourself to be able to stay positive and faithful during difficult times will help you develop stronger coping skills so that you may be a more resilient person when things go wrong in life, which they always will. Training your brain to choose the positive route rather than the negative one will help your mind think more positively in an effortless way when life throws challenges in your direction.

More Closeness with God

Like we said earlier, thinking positively helps us feel closer to God. It’s a demonstration that we have put all our faith in Him, and that we trust that in the end, he has our best interests in mind.

How to Hack Your Mind to Think More Positively

Positive thinking doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a process that requires practice and dedication. Here are some tips to help retrain the way that you think so that your thoughts can be more positive.

Begin Each Day with a List of Things You’re Grateful For

How many things do you have that you take for granted? We’re certain you can name at least a few off the top of your head. It’s in our nature to focus on the things that we don’t have rather than the things we do, and this tendency stops us from feeling gratitude and positivity. One way to get into a more positive mindset quickly is to make a list of ten things you’re grateful for each morning.

Create Positive Cognitions

Positive cognitions are positive thoughts that can be used to replace certain negative thoughts that seem to echo in your mind regularly. For instance, when you catch yourself thinking to yourself, “there’s no way this will work out,” replace that thought with “God promises that He will solve every problem.”

Observe Others Around You

One way to train yourself to be a more positive and faithful thinker is to simply observe the habits of those around you. Paying attention to when others are being negative is a great way to learn to catch when your own thoughts are becoming pessimistic.

Overall, Faith & Positive Thinking Aren’t Just Vague Concepts That’re Difficult to Adopt

It’s very possible to change the way in which your mind works so that your thoughts are more positive. And, thinking more positively can greatly enhance your faith in God.