How to Stay Committed in Life and God Himself During the Toughest of Times

How to Stay Committed in Life and God Himself During the Toughest of Times

Posted by David Nadel on 16th Jul 2020

Throughout life, one of the choices that we have to constantly make is whether or not we want to commit to something or not. We make this decision several times a day without even realizing it. Each day that we wake up, we choose to recommit to our jobs by driving to work. We choose to stay committed to our relationship by making an effort for that other person. A person of faith consciously decides to stay committed to their relationship with God.

As for staying committed to our faith, it’s not always easy – even the most pious among us can admit that. When things get hard, one of the first things that we forget is how staying focused on God is the only sure way to get through to the other side. Suddenly, as we feel that our lives are unraveling, we convince ourselves that we must take control of the situation, rather than giving our worries to God through prayer and meditation.

What’s Going on Currently is Truly a Challenge

Right now, a lot of us are struggling with our commitment to our faith. Our lives were complicated before, as most of us have dealt with financial strain, overwhelming demands both at work and at home, and a world that seems more unstable and unsafe than ever before.

Then, this year, a pandemic hit the globe, and many of us felt as though it were the breaking point. Statistics show that mental health issues are climbing as many of us are struggling to manage the anxiety that comes from the threat of illness, the feelings of social isolation and the uncertainty about what the future holds.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to recommit to God, through various acts that strengthen our faith according to the Bible.

Are You a Commitment-Phobe?

Being a commitment-phobe is, to an extent, normal and human. Commitment requires effort, and a willingness to make a long-lasting promise no matter what happens. Many of us are commitment-phobes when it comes to relationships, feeling intimidated by the concept of “’til death do us part.” But, when it comes to our relationship with God, being a commitment-phobe will be directly detrimental to our ability to grow in our faith and receive all of the blessings that God is eager to share with us.

Commitment requires faith. It requires the understanding that if we make a simple promise to God, our prayers will be heard and answered. Therefore, we can’t truly have a relationship with God unless we make that decision to commit with all of our heart and you.

Of course, once we make that commitment, we have to stay committed, which is just as hard. Like we said, each day we choose whether we wish to remain committed or attempt to disengage and be on our own. So, how does one stay committed to God, even when the world around us seems to be crumbling?

Strengthening Our Commitment to God Strengthens Our Commitment to Our Lives, Even When Times Get Hard

When we commit to God, we are actually committing to ourselves. It means that we are choosing a healthier and happier life, in which we allow God to take over and give us His many blessings. Therefore, committing to God is an investment in our well-being. Let’s look at the various ways in which we can consciously commit to God each day when things are hard, like when we’re facing a threatening pandemic, or we’re struggling with our own mental health.

The Keys to Commitment, According to God’s Word

Staying committed to God doesn’t have to be some abstract and intimidating process. There are three principles to staying strong in your relationship, described below.


Prayer is the cornerstone of our relationship with our Father. Prayer is the communication link, and all relationships require regular communication. Therefore, even when times get hard, it’s crucial to remain prayerful each and every day. If you tend to neglect prayer when you’re under stress, set a reminder on your phone so that you have a dedicated prayer time each day.


We can’t have a relationship with God without faith. Faith is the trust that God is listening and working, even when we can’t see or hear Him. Building faith requires dedication, and it’s a matter of training your mind to trust Him.

God’s Word

Finally, we have to commit to reading the Bible daily. That’s where we understand our God better and remind ourselves of what He promises us, and also what he demands from us.

Being in a Relationship with God Takes Commitment

And, that is a conscious choice that we have to make daily. We know that in these troubling times, commitment can be a struggle. But, by being prayerful, working on your faith and reading God’s word daily, you can stay in a committed relationship with God so that you can continue to be blessed and feel secure.