How Does One Discover Their True Calling?

How Does One Discover Their True Calling?

Posted by David Nadel on 16th Jul 2020

Oftentimes, we’re filled with self-doubt when it comes to our work, our roles in our family and our roles in our community. We feel self-conscious and believe that we don’t have anything special to offer. However, when listening to God’s word, most of us are reminded that there is a calling in life that was given to everyone by our creator. Discovering that calling just might be the key to living a fulfilled life. But how do we discover it in the first place?

What is a Calling, and Where Does it Come from?

All of us have a job, and we perform that job to the best of our abilities while being compensated for it. But our job is not necessarily our true calling. We choose our jobs with the gift of free will, but God chooses our calling for us, and gives us the decision to discover it or abandon it in favor of our own decision.

Our true calling is simply a role that we are meant to play in the world for the greater good. It’s a role that honors God, while serving our community. It may involve evangelism, or preaching, or using our talents in order to serve our creator. Someone who is born with a natural singing ability will discover that God gave them that gift as their calling, that they may sing in a way that glorifies and spreads God’s word. Someone born with natural charisma may have the calling of being a preacher, as God has given him or her this strength so that they can use it for God’s greater good.

And some callings may seem more modest than others. For instance, someone who is good at cooking may believe that it’s not a worthwhile skill but may find that God has given them this calling so that they may use food to feed the poor at a nearby shelter. If you have a natural talent that you’re passionate about, then consider that your true calling from God, and determine how you should best use it to honor him.

How Do We Use Our Calling to Honor God?

The hardest part is discovering what your calling is. First, you need to think back on your life, and ask yourself what things you were most passionate about growing up. As children, we have a more idealistic sense of the world. We believe that our passions can turn us into superstars, whether we’re naturally gifted at writing, dancing, singing, or making others laugh. As we get older, society tells us that these gifts are not worthwhile, and will not earn us stability in life. So, we abandon them and get a conventional job that we may or may not enjoy.

If there’s a gift you’ve had since childhood that has truly meant something to you, then explore it. You were passionate about it for a reason, and it’s because it’s a gift from God. As you explore it, ask yourself how you can use it to give back to God and help others.

When we live in line with our true calling, the world falls into place around us. It’s a sign that we’re following God’s will instead of our own, which the Bible tells us will lead to blessings. Ephesians 4:1 tells us, “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” Clearly, God wants us to live according to our calling.

If you’re still struggling to find what that calling is, however, it’s time to incorporate more prayer into your routine, and truly ask God for signs of what you are meant to be doing with your life. Remember, following your calling doesn’t necessarily require that you quit your job and move to a new place. Simply embrace your calling and let God lead the way from there.

Another Step Closer to God

Finding your calling in life is a way to get closer to God while also feeling more fulfilled in your day to day life. Because God has given us this calling, discovering it can dramatically improve your day-to-day life. In order to discover it, it’s important to live a more faith-based life and communicate with God directly through prayer, while actively seeking it.