How Can Faith Potentially Spark Creativity?

How Can Faith Potentially Spark Creativity?

Posted by David Nadel on 18th Aug 2020

Do you consider yourself the creative type? Whether or not you do, the truth is that you are creating at every minute of every day. After all, we are created in God’s image, and God created everything. Therefore, it’s only natural that God has extended that creativity to us, so that it may be used to glorify His work.

Many of us have creative passions, whether or not we do them as our sole source of income. Maybe you’re a brilliant painter who does portraits for a living and have seen considerable success. Or maybe you’re someone who likes to cook when you’re done with work, having fun playing around with different recipes and giving them a unique twist. Regardless, the reality is that being creative is good for the soul.

But what happens when we feel uninspired? There tends to be a sense of despair that comes when we’re struggling to feel as creative as we usually do, and one could argue that this despair comes from the fact that to be creative would be to follow in God’s image. The good news is that our creativity comes directly from God, who is the creator of all things, and so he can give us the inspiration that we are so desperately looking for.

Using Creativity in a Way That Pleases God

What is it that you’re naturally gifted at? Is it music? Baking? Organizing events? Making gifts for friends and family? Whatever it is, no matter how important or unimportant it may seem to you, it’s a gift that has come from God. God instills us with gifts, because he wants us to use them to inspire others to be more faithful. For instance, musically gifted individuals tend to find that their music brings them more pleasure when they write songs about Him. And, those who are talented at baking often feel a unique sense of fulfillment when they bake for the hungry, whom God tells us to look after as Jesus once did.

Therefore, the real source of inspiration comes from God Himself. Often, our lack of inspiration is a sign that we are looking for it in all of the wrong places. We tend to get distracted by desires of worldly success, but God tells us: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth”- Colossians 3:2. We wanna get famous for our creative talents, forgetting that there is no one whose approval we should be seeking except for God. This can leave us with a feeling of emptiness that zaps the creative force out of us.

How Faith and Creativity Can Go Hand in Hand

Being creative requires faithfulness. It requires the faith that God is the source of our creativity, and not ourselves or others. To believe this, we must remain faithful, by trusting that God will provide us with inspiration when it will be most useful to us. If we are truly living a faithful life every moment of every day, inspiration will flow constantly, because we are in direct communication with God, from whom our creativity is derived. So, if you’re stuck in a creative rut, there is nowhere and nothing to turn to but God. And how do we do this? Well, through the same means that we always use. Through prayer, through reading of the Bible and through reaching out to faith-minded loved ones with whom we can commune and strengthen our own sense of faith.

Remember that God does not want us to be uninspired. And, how can we be uninspired when God has given us Heaven and earth? This just further illustrates the fact that a loss of creativity doesn’t mean that we are not surrounded by inspiring things. The entire world is inspiring, as it’s the creative product of God Himself.

So, the next time you’re yearning for a creative spark, simply turn to Him who has created everything that surrounds us. It’s likely that your creative loss is a lapse in faith, and that once it is restored through the proper means like prayer, your inspiration will return. And when it does, make sure that you use it in a Godly way, as this is why God has given us a sense of creativity in the first place.

Creativity Truly Starts with Putting Faith into God

Our sense of creativity is one of the many things that we have in common with God, and so it’s important to exercise it as much as possible. Many of us feel a loss of inspiration from time to time, especially when we are struggling. But, in those moments, it’s important that we turn back to our Creator for help. The payoff, of course, is that we use our creativity to honor God and benefit our brothers and sisters in Christ.