A True Man’s Strength Relies on Himself and God

A True Man’s Strength Relies on Himself and God

Posted by David Nadel on 23rd Oct 2019

Society teaches us that men need to be strong. However, society’s definition of strength doesn’t necessarily align with God’s. We are constantly taught that strength means using whatever means necessary to prove our superiority, faking confidence and doing harm to others before they can do harm unto us.

For example, in the workplace, men are expected to compete with each other in order to get ahead, and we are conditioned to believe that being ruthless is acceptable if it means that it will bring us much success later on. We are also taught by society that physical violence is a solution to a disagreement.

But, what does God have to say about strength? Taking a closer look into His word can teach us that everything that the world has told us about strength has been wrong all along. And, when we understand what true strength really is, we can experience less hardships in life, and feel less of a need to harm others in order to get what we want. This can lead to an unparalleled sense of inner peace.

What is Strength, According to the Bible?

According to Psalm 46:1-3, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.”

That’s pretty simple, don’t you think? Our strength is our relationship with God, and the stronger our faith, the stronger we will become. We think that strength is dominance, and that it can only come from ourselves. But, the Bible makes it clear that strength is not about having full autonomy. It’s about relying on God, and thus channeling his strength to get us through the difficult times in life.

In fact, trying to show our strength through means of dominance is a sign of weakness. It means that we do not trust that God’s strength is supporting us, and so we must protect ourselves using destructive measures to avoid harm.

When we regularly turn to God in order to regain our sense of strength, we become closer to Him. We stop trying to rely on outside sources to feel safe and secure in this world. We stop trying to exert our sense of superiority over others in order to get ahead. Nehemiah 8:10 states, “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Again, this is such a simple verse, and yet we rarely take it to heart. It clearly states that our strength lies in our personal connection with God.

The Relationship Between Faith and Strength

When God created man, he gave us free will, and that free will allows us to make our own choices as we walk through this world. That free will also allows us to decide whether or not we wish to rely on Him, on others or on ourselves. But God has repeatedly told us that if we take shelter in Him, we will find a sense of inner strength that can help us get through even the most tumultuous of life’s experiences.

Further, God puts situations into our lives that are meant to teach us to rely on Him for strength. Thus, faith and strength are intrinsically linked. Let us examine the life of Job. We are all familiar with the story of how Job experienced one hardship after another and was ultimately rewarded for never losing his faith throughout all of the tragedies that he endured. In other words, Job didn’t fall apart each time something went wrong in his life. Nor did he turn his back on God.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Job remained strong throughout the many trials that God put him through. Strength, after all, is the ability to be unmoved by that which life throws at you. And, where did Job find the strength to withstand so much difficulty? He found his strength in his faith in God. Job did not crumble at the first sign of adversity, because he gained strength from knowing that God would never abandon him.

Therefore, in our endless quest for strength in today’s troubling world, let us take inspiration from Job by recognizing the crucial connection between faith and strength. If remaining strong through challenging times merely depends on trusting in God, we must make every effort to be prayerful when things are hard. We must find it in ourselves to trust that no matter what happens in this world, God will continue to protect us.

Finding Inner Strength in a Complex World

This world seems to be going through troubling times, and many of us feel as though it’s harder than ever before to remain strong in our faith. But we must remember that God is in control, and He doesn’t give us anything in life that we can’t handle. Many times, our faith is tested. However, when we stand by our faith, we become stronger and more resilient. After all, we’re sure you’ve heard that phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Therefore, let us decide once and for all that real strength is about holding onto our faith in God. It’s not about hurting those who have disappointed us in life. Nor is it about hiding from our deeper feelings. It’s about constantly remembering that God is our strength.

Finding That True Spiritual Strength Within

True strength isn’t about displaying our sense of dominance over others in the world. It’s about feeling confident in the fact that God is there to protect us throughout our lives. Understanding the ways in which God intended for us to find strength in our faith in Him can make life far less difficult to navigate.