About Us

Faith Strength Gear was founded and started in 2018 by Michael & Christi Young, the passion of spreading the word of Gods Kingdom and our Savior Jesus Christ is our first and sole purpose.  We strive to offer the best christian adult apparel, head wear,  kids clothing and cool accessories all from Christian faith based companies.  Faith Strength Gear is dedicated to providing you with products from companies that want to further the Kingdom and invest in charities and other ministries.

 We truly believe with conviction that Jesus died for us on the cross to atone for our sins and was resurrected to intercede for us to God the Father.   No matter where you are in life God loves you and he wants to restore you and grow you, all you have to do is accept him as your Lord and Savior.   His Forgiveness and Love - Its Free No Strings attached! 

Why buy from us and not the big names websites you ask?   Here is our values and mission:

Our Core Values

  • We Seek First The Kingdom of God
  • Glorify the Lord in everything
  • Creative and Innovative Fun
  • Proactive Positive Engagement
  • Continuously Exceed Expectations 
  • Provide "Wow" Experiences
  • Tithe 10% as God Instructed 
  • Support Local & Global Misson's

Our Vision

  • To handpick and discover the best God Inspired stuff
  • To deliver top quality and specialty items to fill you life with
  • To provide the best quality of apparel, beauty care and accessories
  • To be your resource for Christian based products
  • Donate to ministries local and worldwide
  • Spread the the name of Jesus everywhere
  • To support missions world wide to further Gods Kingdom